Drum Frames - Powwow

The Grandmother and Grandfather drums are deeply respected in traditional Native American circles. We offer sizes from 24 to 36 inches, and also have handmade drum stands for your powwow drum. These drums are deep and rich in tone, when drummed on you will feel the vibrations and rhythm in your soul. For this sized frame we recommend Buffalo Rawhide and have some of the biggest, thickest rawhide you will ever see.

24 Inch X 12 Inch Powwow Drum Frame

SKU: 001-1224

Maple drum frame ready to use. This is a good traveling size.


28 Inch X 12 Inch Drum Frame

SKU: 001-1228

28 in. X 12 in. Powwow maple drum frame THESE FRAMES COME IN 28X12 SIZE ONLY. NO CUSTOM CUT ON THIS SIZE FRAME.