The Tools we offer are the Best that we have found to make crafts. From leather to rawhide you will find them very useful!

Wood Handle Awl

SKU: 023-0000

This wood handle Awl is good for scribing rawhide cut lines or just making a hole in leather.


Jerrys Attachment Set

SKU: 023-0003

Conversoin Kit, Contains 16-1/16 inch & 17 1/8 inch Spacers Plus another set of bolts and washers.


5/8 Push Pins (TACS) Per 100

SKU: 023-0005

One of the best aluminum headed pins on the market. These are an absolute must have when building drums. Nail the rawide into the underside of the frame and they will keep the rawhide from curling up when drying, simply remove the tacs when dry and the rawhide is in perfect place.


Rotary Mats

SKU: 023-1000

Rotary cutting mat. This is one of the main items that we use to build drums, cutting leather and rawhide lacing.


Rty-3 Roller Knife

SKU: 023-3000

This is one tool that we use the most in making drums or just cutting leather lace.