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We provide furs for sale, hides, gloves, custom tanning and Native American made hand drums, powwow drums and Native American Indian drum kits. Centralia Fur and Hide, Inc. is the premier supplier of Rawhide for all your drum making needs. We have the best quality at the best prices in Deer, Elk, Buffalo, Cow, Goat, Bear and Horse rawhide. If you are making your own drums we also have drum frames at great prices from 10 inch hand drums up to 36 inch powwow frames and all sizes in between. Check out our Leather for crafting or making regalia, moccasins, and medicine bags. Our inventory includes smoked Brain tanned Deer perfect for your water drum covers. We have all the necessary herbs/medicines for your journeys whether that is for a sun dance, powwows, a canoe journey or the sweat lodge. We are also Keller Products largest distributer with a full line of Percussion drum shells.

A Few Words From Our Customers...

Wonderful Drum Kits!

My friends and I purchased drum kits and made them together over this weekend. We blessed the frames & skins with sage and had a wonderful time making them together. The video instructions made it very easy to make even for un-crafty souls. We let them dry overnight with a sweetgrass braid in the inner drum frames. The next day we were able to decorate them with the feathers we purchased from your store. We held a small circle and played them. All the drums sounded wonderful together. Thank you for making such easy to follow drum kits, and for providing all the sacred herbs for blessing our newly born drums. It was so wonderful to bond in such a meaningful way.

Luz Arpino