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We provide furs for sale, hides, gloves, custom tanning and Native American made hand drums, powwow drums and Native American Indian drum kits. Centralia Fur and Hide, Inc. is the premier supplier of Rawhide for all your drum making needs. We have the best quality at the best prices in Deer, Elk, Buffalo, Cow, Goat, Bear and Horse rawhide. If you are making your own drums we also have drum frames at great prices from 10 inch hand drums up to 36 inch powwow frames and all sizes in between. Check out our Leather for crafting or making regalia, moccasins, and medicine bags. Our inventory includes smoked Brain tanned Deer perfect for your water drum covers. We have all the necessary herbs/medicines for your journeys whether that is for a sun dance, powwows, a canoe journey or the sweat lodge. We are also Keller Products largest distributer with a full line of Percussion drum shells.

A Few Words From Our Customers...

Sue Nolan

Thank you for the opportunity to build drums. You folks are the best. I have brought the blessings of drumming to many people thanks to your supplies. I got my first kit from you about 18 months ago and since that time I have built around 30 drums, five of which were made from goat skin and large bottle gourds, and have also repaired three drums for other people. They have been a blessing to many, in fact one person who has one of these drums, has since been able to stop using blood pressure medication because the drum has brought him so much relaxation. His problem was due to stress in his life. I have taught these people to honor the drum with smudge and tobacco and to connect with Spirit through the drum. Many thanks to you for without you, I never would have done this. I think everyone on Earth Mother should have a drum; there would be less mischief afoot. (steps down off soap-box and goes back to drumming) Toodles.

Sue Nolan

Pat Cummins (Cherokee)

I just wanted to write and say thank you again for the way our drum has been treated by everyone at Centralia. The buffalo hide that we purchased from you has now been turned into a beautiful 28″ drum. The sound of the drum is truly awesome as well. Thanks to your patient instructions over the phone with me last week we were able to cut the hides and lacing and put it all together with no problems at all. We will highly recommend Centralia Hide and Fur to everyone here in Tennessee and Northern Alabama. I just wanted you to know that everything went well and how much we appreciate your assistance in helping us rebuild our drum. Sincerely, Pat Cummins (Cherokee) Drum Keeper, on behalf of Tanasi Thunder – Southern Style Powwow Drum Nashville, Tennessee

Pat Cummins (Cherokee)

Steve Gibson

Thought I would send a quick little message to let everyone know that your drum kits are great quality! Very easy to put together and are of the highest quality. Looking forward to make many more! Thanks again! Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson

Steve Baker

I made the drum in accordance with the instructions. It is a beautiful drum with a wonderful sound. It will be used as a medicine drum for journeys. Thanks Steve Baker

Steve Baker

Nona Shelly

Thank you so much for all your help and friendly conversation. You made the end of an hour’s drive rewarding not only for the purchases we made but for the inspiration and encouragement you gave me, my daughter Shawna, and my grandchildren. Thank you for your patience helping them with their choices as well. We will be back again. Blessings to you and your family, Nona Shelly

Nona Shelly

Jennifer McManus

We really appreciate all of your help during our frantic 9 day build time. Your company was fantastic to work with and got us all of the necessary skins and furs so fast. Everyone was friendly and helpful with suggestions. We can not thank you enough. Sincerely, Jennifer McManus Costume Designer

Jennifer McManus

Don Birch, Silvertip Traders

Got the tan leather today. It sure looks good. I think I finally found the supplier I have been looking for. I also received an invoice for some smoke leather. It will probably arrive the first of the week. >From the looks of the leather and the price I will pass on your email address to some friends of mine if you don’t mind. Please let me know Thank you for the great service.

Don Birch, Silvertip Traders

Pow Wow drum

Just a quick THANK YOU the hide and lacing I purchased for my pow wow drum is fantastic has the greatest deep sound I’ve ever heard. ( Seneca).

Jack Zuverink

The Best

I’ve been building drums for many years and have used many suppliers over that time. When I started offering drum building workshops, I needed to find good quality kits at a reasonable price. Centrailia Fur and Hide provide both. I have been using them exclusively for providing the materials for my workshops for the last few years and expect that to continue into the future. I also use them for supplying many of the things I need for my custom work. Most importantly, I like to support native run businesses whenever I can.

John Crow MacKinnon

Great Local Company

I have been making drums and native art objects for about 20 years. The last 15 I have been buying my material from Fur and Hide. I live in Western WA State and like to support small local businesses. Fur and Hide has never let me down in quality and customer service. Excellent hides from local sources, and quality products reasonably priced. I do occasionally shop others, for products Fur and Hide doesn’t carry, but I always return to shop a great local company. Keep up the great work providing top quality material and service.

William Schierenberg

Always top quality

I’ve been using rawhide from CFH for my drums for a very long time. I know I can count on them delivering top quality every time.

Voir Hillaire


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Wonderful Drum Kits!

My friends and I purchased drum kits and made them together over this weekend. We blessed the frames & skins with sage and had a wonderful time making them together. The video instructions made it very easy to make even for un-crafty souls. We let them dry overnight with a sweetgrass braid in the inner drum frames. The next day we were able to decorate them with the feathers we purchased from your store. We held a small circle and played them. All the drums sounded wonderful together. Thank you for making such easy to follow drum kits, and for providing all the sacred herbs for blessing our newly born drums. It was so wonderful to bond in such a meaningful way.

Luz Arpino


I got my first kit from you all around 15 years ago. It has been an amazing journey to this point. I began turning people to you all for your kits for drum birthing workshops that I would lead. The quality of your supplies, the customer service, and the consistency it unprecedented for sure. In October of 2019 I received permission to begin to birth drums on behalf of others and since have purchased supplies for more than 60 drums. I love knowing that no matter what I need you all will have it. Thank you for all you do so that more people experience the magic of the traditional frame drum.

Audrey Sheldon

Drum kits!

Everything arrived on time, the prices were better than the competition and the quality of the kits I purchased left me highly satisfied, I ordered 6 and they all turned out beautifully. I’m excited for them to get to their new owners. Thanks for the hookup cuzzins !

Dakota Gunville
Gunwalker Creations

Great Products and Great Company

I’m a client of these company since 2010.
I offer drum making workshops for many years and the products that Centralia offer are great. The attention to the client has always been excellent.
I’m always happy to order material from them since I’m supporting a Native owned businesses and also Im getting quality products in return.
Thank you all of you guys that make this company great.

Gonzalo Duque


Super excited to get my order and put together a drum!!! My work goes through this website for drum kits for the children and have never had any issues with anything highly recommended!!!

Naomi C Moreno

Great place to get supplies

1st time drum maker, everything arrived quickly and the quality was excellent. I loved the selection of hides and accessories to make my first experience a good one. Thank you


Great shop, excellent customer support

I really wanted to visit the shop and learn more about their business and find out if they would be a good source for raw percussion drum materials. I was treated to a tour, got a good lesson on their various wood products and had a wonderful time visiting. The family atmosphere and pride was immediately obvious. Everyone appears to enjoy what their doing and the operation is very professionally run. I look forward to developing a long term relationship with Centralia Fur and Hide. From native percussion to modern drum shells… what an awesome resource.

Buck Whitfield
Barnwork's Drums

Top notch

Tabetha worked wonders for me. I had ordered a drum that was lost in shipping. It ended up arriving just in time but, the care and unbelievable service Tabetha provided was beyond that of any you find anymore. The drum is absolutely beautiful and has an amazing sound. Thank you so much for such great products and service. I am already putting together my next order.

Jason Richardson

Always quality

I have been using Centralia Fur and Hides for several years now. Their products are always the best quality and someone is always available to answer my questions.
Sometimes I wish less people knew how great they are, because right now, the things I wanted most are out of stock!
Glad you are doing so well, I will be patient for the supplies I need!
Mary Dawn Wakhre
AaShua Drums

Mary Dawn Wakhre
AaShua Ceremony Drums


I have been working with their whole rawhides for close to a decade now. Many and more drums are now in the world providing healing and higher frequencies thanks to Centralia and their high quality materials. I am grateful to their dedication that allows us to create and pay it forward.

Thank you!

Mia Luz

Fun with The GrandKids

My Grandchildren love playing our drums when the come to visit. This weekend we will be making their own drums from your kits. Everyone is excited and ready for the experience. Thanks CFH for the wonderful kits.

Vern Baker

Marching to our own hand made drums ;)

Our community (in Calgary) purchased 11 hand drum kits and drum stick kits from Halford’s in Edmonton (they buy from Centralia and resell in Canada) for a hand drum making workshop two weeks ago.

The service we received from Halford’s, and Centralia was great each time I called to ask questions.

The hand drum making workshop was awesome. All participants had a great learning (about indigenous culture) and healing experience, plus walked away with a complete hand drum and drum kit.

We were asked by the city to put on another hand drum making workshop (double in size of the first one); it’s in a week in a different community. Of course, we ordered kits from Halford’s/Centralia again.

Kent Patel
Sunalta Wellness Ambassadors

Great service

Thank you! The drum materials are beautiful! I appreciate the care in the colors chosen for the hide and how it was all packaged. Two of these are going to be painted and given as gifts, so I also appreciate that they arrived so quickly! You are awesome!

Vicky Druge
It used to be Droogee's Drums & Makah Art (closed business)

Powwow Drum

This is my first drum…a 28” powwow drum. The drum heads are bison and I designed the colored pattern around its circumference. I also designed the stand to not only raise the drum off the floor, but can be converted to a drum stand my removing the uprights and installing legs into narrower slots. Fun project and CFH provided great drum materials!!

William Bird

Moose mocassin kit

I ordered the moose mocassin kit as a Christmas present to my wife. I ordered the size using the posted recommendations and assembled them per the included instructions. It did take a couple hours to assemble them but the finished product is beautiful and fits great. I added aftermarket insoles for extra padding. Great Product!


I’ve been a a maker

I’ve been a a maker of drums and a very satisfied customer for many years. The quality of their products is excellent and their service is first class. It is so personal and I feel seen. All that adds another layer to the essence of drum being made. Thank you all for the goodness you offer.

Kathleen Yarborough

Fantastic place to shop and work with

I love working with Centralia Fur and Hide. The have very good products they are honest and efficient. The shipping is outstanding it only takes a few days to receive my order

Kevin Flynn
Celtic Thunder Art's & Part's

Outstanding Service

I wanted to say the service was outstanding, Erik was very helpful and assisted in every possible way, he assisted me on my purchase to complete my Pow Wow Drum build. He helped with alternative (precut pads) and lace since out of the Buffalo Hide I needed. In todays times, customer service is lacking, and he was on top of his game!

Mvto (thank you)!


Stormy Miller (Creek/MVSKOKE)