Finished Drums

Native American drums are the oldest and most important instrument to the native culture.

Not only does the sound of the “Native American Style” rawhide drum move our spirit by the calming vibrations it sets off, but the beat is in tune with the earth’s natural frequency. The steady strong sound of hitting the drum is in sync with the rhythm of the heartbeat in the center of this world.

Each rawhide drum is individually handmade to your liking.

For all these Native American hand drums we only pick the finest rawhide skins to get the deepest, richest tone.

These skins can be selected from cow, horse, elk, buffalo, moose, or deer hide in bleached or natural finish.

One of the main reasons these rawhide drums are so spectacular is that we slow dry them in a cool place to insure long lasting quality for use in any weather condition.

Only the finest rawhide and wooden frame materials are used to insure the best sound and life of your very own individualized handmade drum.


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