I don't tend to provide feedback but was so impressed with the service and quality of the product that I felt compelled to send you a note. I ordered a buffalo skull last week and received it yesterday. Not only was the skull itself beautiful, it was also so carefully packaged and well padded. It showed me the care and attention you put into your products and customers. I will definitely order again and tell others about my great experience! Much gratitude to a company that cares.


I recieved the drum and it was awesome. We have been using it almost every night. I taught some fellow soldiers from NM an intertribal song and we sang at one of Saddam Hussein's Palaces, AL FAW Palace on the 9th of November. We had a celebration there honoring Native American's in today's military and it was a great social event. Dignitaries and Generals heard us use you drum...it was awesome it could not have arrived to us at a better time. I will be sending you some pictures in the near future....thanks again for everything...I don't believe anyone has ever had a drum over in Baghdad, much less a powwow drum in the middle of a war....that's something for the Guinnness book ha ha ha well take care and I'll stay in touch. Cody


I had lost your email address and couldn't find your web site, and wanted to thank you for the 3 drum kits I purchased last fall. We assembled our drums over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was more work than I thought, but the result is wonderful. I am not only exceedingly pleased with the finished product both in sight and sound. This was a remarkable accomplishment for me, and as the provider of the kit I want to thank you very much. P.S. In case you don't remember me, I was your first senior citizen discount customer.

Clara M. Halsall West Chicago, IL 

I was away from home for a few days and returned to find the package from you. I was completely breathless when I saw the beauty before my eyes and when I heard the magnificent sound I was quite overwhelmed. You surely created a marvelous drum for me which I will cherish and use for many years to come, the goddess willing, of course. The beater is equally grand. Thank you for sending the smudge stick. My new drum will be blessed at a women's circle on 6/22 at the summer solstice ritual. I am honored to have such a wonderful drum to use. I would appreciate your letting me know what care I should give to my new drum. Blessings, Donna


I ordered 10 drum kits for our YMCA Guides a month ago. We built the drums (dads built them with boys helping) and used them last week end at our Fall Campout. No question we were the coolest tribe. Thanks! I am getting requests from people now about you guys, so am sending your web site to people interested. Keep up the good work! David Chandler

David Chandler

My 18" Elk Skin Drum, case and sticks arrived today. Beautiful in craft and appearance. The sound is wonderful Haven't even smudged it yet and it lifts the spirit so much! Somebody very loving made the drum and the beautiful beaters! May the Most High Spirit Bless Us all. including the animal and tree kingdoms who gave their gifts

Zacciah Blackburn

Just wanted to write you a quick note to say I got my order today and was once again impressed with the quality of the leather you sent me. I especially like the moose hide which was much cheaper and better than moose I have found elsewhere. The elk and buffalo were also great! Keep up the great work! Micah Miller

Micah Miller

Thank you again for sending my order of deer rawhide and bitterroot so quickly! I was able to paint a parfleche with the rawhide in a demonstration this past weekend at a living history fur trade encampment at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon. The visitors enjoyed the demonstration and learning a little about parfleche making. Thank you again! I really appreciated the fast service! Sincerely, Midori Hanus

Midori Hanus

Thank you so much for excellent customer service. I placed an order for a drum kit. When it arrived, the hide was damaged. When I called to inquire if it could be used in the damaged condition, I was told it would affect the integrity of the drum. You were so kind to send me another hide in a very timely manner and with utmost concern and consideration. This is the first order I have placed with Centralia Fur & Hide Co. and I can assure you I will gladly order more from you and will make sure others know the excellent service I received. Thank you again

Renee Loveland

We just wanted to let you know that we received the #3 smoke elk hide we ordered, and couldn't be more pleased with it. It is beautiful, and perfect for our use; in fact, we can't believe the quality at the price. I called and spoke with you last week about our needs for this project, and you certainly came through for us. Thank you. We have ordered a drum kit from you previously, and were equally pleased with it. I have recommended Centralia Fur & Hide to friends since, and will continue to do so. Thank you again

Steve & Laurie Snaer

Hi Sue, I am leading a drum making workshop at Indiana University South Bend. The University recently ordered 15 kits from you for this workshop. We ordered one a few months ago as a prototype, and I was so impressed with the quality of the kit and the resulting drum that I told them the only way I would DO the workshop, was if I could specify where we got the kits (namely... from you fine folks). I am WAY excited, as are the participants. I held a session last night on the spiritual foundations of drumming in the Native tradition and they got to see the drum I made from your kit, they are super excited to get their hands on theirs! Thanks a bunch! Peace, Love & Good Medicine, Lynn Young

Lynn Young

I received the buffalo hide drum a couple days ago and just wanted to let you know that it's a beautiful work of art. The craftsmanship is superb. I know my sister will love it. Thank-you for your help on the phone with me I so appreciated it. Once again, Thank-you Sunne Reisser

Sunne Reisser

First off, thank you so much for being the kind of company to take care of unexpected problems, without the hassle. I see now why so many people turn to you for their needs. I am well pleased, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, and willingness to take care of these unfortunate problems for me with my order. I am in awe. Warmly, Eric


Hey there! Just wanted to tell you that the 36" x 14" buffalo hide drum you made us is absolutely beautiful, and the sound is awesome. We are very pleased with it and will Cherish it for years to come. Thank you.

Anna, Shy Wolf Spirit Shaylor & David, Bear Hunter Shayor

About 7 years ago I made my 16" drum with your supplies, using an elk head, and I want you to know it just sounds sweeter all the time. It's been in the inipi (sweat lodge), and all kinds of weather conditions. It's been played by many people. It's just wonderful. Everything I've bought from you has been top quality, and I know it comes from people who care. I expect my sons to be playing this drum for a long time to come. Thanks

Joe Johnston

I appreciate how you have assisted me in assisting many > others in getting to make their own drums, or receive a drum made > especially for them. Thank you for your service and for taking care of us all. It is greatly appreciated. > > Many blessings and much gratitude > > Katherine > > Katherine Skaggs > Visionary Artist, Teacher, Author > Soul Sistas Creative Productions, llc > Star Chalice Sisters Publishing

Katherine Skaggs

Greetings; I have been doing business with you great people for sometime and I wanted to offer you my heart felt thanksgiving for the work and effort that you put into each order. I have never been anything but very pleased with the strength of self that you share with me as a customer and I feel as a friend.. The quality of the rawhides and tanned hides are just what is needed for my drum making works.. In peace.... Safe Journey.... Gary - Sacred Eagle


Hi Sammy , Just wanted to Thank You a million times for the super job you did in rehabbing my Pow Wow Drum . It was in pretty sad shape when I talked to you about it on the phone and you told me you could repair it . So I sent it to you to repair . Sammy all I can say is Wow . When you sent it back to me , I could not believe it was my drum . It looks like brand new and the sound is awesome . You are positively a master craftsman and drum maker . I have been doing Native American Drumming ,two & three times a month for almost ten years now , and I also have a hand drum making class , where we make the 15in. one sided drums . Sammy I will recommend you are your company to everyone that needs any kind of supplies or expert drum repairs . Your prompt service has to be number one . Many thanks again . May the great spirit be with you . JIM JACOBI Hazelhurst , Wisconsin=


May 27th 2011 - I can't tell you how pleased I am with my Moose hide that was tanned to Chocolate in color. this is the most luxurious leather I have seen yet. I have been hunting moose and tanning hides since 1968! "I have had travel/carry on bags made from moose hide for years. They travel very well, very light, I get great comments on them frequently, they never wear out and they don't show soils at all (except oils)...I have never had one cleaned and they look like new. I will be having two new bags made for my hunting partner and myself from this new Chocolate hide. They will look better than a $1000 Gucci!!" Best Regards, Steve

Steve Shull

My recent online order for the 16" kit went smoothly and the materials arrived yesterday. I already mentioned this to the leader of our circle and will tell others as the subject comes up. The quality is good, the service is smooth, and I haven't seen a better price. Keep up the good work! --Tommy (Dallas, TX

Tommy (Dallas, TX

I just wanted to let you know that I ordered three drum kits from you last month. I was planning on taking my college-age children on a camping trip and make the drums with them. We camped up the coast of Florida and made the drums one evening during a beautiful sunset over a river inlet into the Atlantic ocean .This experience was much-needed between me and my children, and was healing--just by the process. Thanks for your help. Dear Millicent, Would it be ok to use your words for a testimonial. Dear Layne, Of course you may! That would be very nice. Also, I don't know if you remember or not, but you had trouble with getting my credit card to go thru, and you sent me the merchandise anyway, knowing I was in a hurry to receive it. I have not experienced this kind of trust in several years and it meant the world to me. What a beautiful role model you are in this strange world that we live in. Thank you for being who you are...... (feel free to use these words as well.) Hi Layne, I have a friend from Japan visiting. She loves the kinikinick tobacco and is enthralled with the drum I made from your kit. She asks if you ship to Japan; she would like to at least order some native american tobacco. I told her I would ask you. Sincerely, Millicent Feland

Millicent Feland

Got the tan leather today. It sure looks good. I think I finally found the supplier I have been looking for. I also received an invoice for some smoke leather. It will probably arrive the first of the week. >From the looks of the leather and the price I will pass on your email address to some friends of mine if you don't mind. Please let me know Thank you for the great service.

Don Birch, Silvertip Traders.

We really appreciate all of your help during our frantic 9 day build time. Your company was fantastic to work with and got us all of the necessary skins and furs so fast. Everyone was friendly and helpful with suggestions. We can not thank you enough. Sincerely, Jennifer McManus Costume Designer

Jennifer McManus

Thank you so much for all your help and friendly conversation. You made the end of an hour’s drive rewarding not only for the purchases we made but for the inspiration and encouragement you gave me, my daughter Shawna, and my grandchildren. Thank you for your patience helping them with their choices as well. We will be back again. Blessings to you and your family, Nona Shelly

Nona Shelly

I made the drum in accordance with the instructions. It is a beautiful drum with a wonderful sound. It will be used as a medicine drum for journeys. Thanks Steve Baker

Steve Baker

Thought I would send a quick little message to let everyone know that your drum kits are great quality! Very easy to put together and are of the highest quality. Looking forward to make many more! Thanks again! Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson

I just wanted to write and say thank you again for the way our drum has been treated by everyone at Centralia. The buffalo hide that we purchased from you has now been turned into a beautiful 28" drum. The sound of the drum is truly awesome as well. Thanks to your patient instructions over the phone with me last week we were able to cut the hides and lacing and put it all together with no problems at all. We will highly recommend Centralia Hide and Fur to everyone here in Tennessee and Northern Alabama. I just wanted you to know that everything went well and how much we appreciate your assistance in helping us rebuild our drum. Sincerely, Pat Cummins (Cherokee) Drum Keeper, on behalf of Tanasi Thunder - Southern Style Powwow Drum Nashville, Tennessee

Pat Cummins (Cherokee)

Thank you for the opportunity to build drums. You folks are the best. I have brought the blessings of drumming to many people thanks to your supplies. I got my first kit from you about 18 months ago and since that time I have built around 30 drums, five of which were made from goat skin and large bottle gourds, and have also repaired three drums for other people. They have been a blessing to many, in fact one person who has one of these drums, has since been able to stop using blood pressure medication because the drum has brought him so much relaxation. His problem was due to stress in his life. I have taught these people to honor the drum with smudge and tobacco and to connect with Spirit through the drum. Many thanks to you for without you, I never would have done this. I think everyone on Earth Mother should have a drum; there would be less mischief afoot. (steps down off soap-box and goes back to drumming) Toodles.

Sue Nolan