Killer Whale / Wolf – painted Hand Drum


20″ Deer drum made by Erik Milton and painted by John Goodwin/Nytom.

“Killer Whale / Wolf ”

This painting was inspired by attending a wedding feast.  After the people were fed and tables and chairs were cleared from the floor the Bride had to be escorted by the groom’s family.  The Bride’s family was on the opposite side of the hall from the groom.  The groom stood up and was surrounded by about 12 men in the community.  They were kneeling on one knee, and their costumes were of a killer whale and wolves.  There was a fin-like shape tied to their backs and when they stood up, they would take a few steps forward and act like they were diving.  They made a whistling sound when performing this dance.  As they danced across the floor with the groom in the center of the en-circling men.  The song kept the dancers in step with each other and with the change of the melody they would stand up and lunge forward.  The song was sung for several minutes as they crossed the floor to pick up the bride.  The bride stood up and walked into the circle of men that were, dancing and acting like wolves and killer whales at the same time.  It seemed to bring a feeling of celebration to the community as well as the two families.  This song and dance belong to Chief Richard Atleo.



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