Acorn elk leather


#1 Whole elk will be 20 to 23 sq ft. We grade that the willl not have any holes in the center of the hide and no blemishes. These are the best that we select for garments. –
#1 Suede hides are 20 to 23 sq. ft. We grade the same as the #1 but the Suede (rough) side is the best for more of a rough look –
#2 Whole Elk are 20 to 23 sq ft. Graded for the grain (smooth side) but with holes in the center of the hide. Great for bags gloves. –
#3 Whole Elk are 20 to 23 sq ft. Normally have good suede with holes, but the grain side has flaws like scares, or dragg marks. –
# 3 half hides 9-11 sq ft. These hides can not be used for garments unless you are willing to patch the holes in the hides. Just the right thickness for moccasin’s, bags or adult chaps.
#3 ELK QUARTER HIDES AVERAGE 4 – 5 SQUARE FEET PER QUARTER NICE AND HEAVY FOR CRAFTS AND PROJECTS. The suede is nice and clean but there will be holes and the grain side will be distressed.

This product is from a wild animal and will require a fee if being shipped outside of the United states. Select Fish and Wildlife fee option in the cart if applies to you.

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