Chocolate deer leather


#1 Whole Deer  – Hides will average 8 square feet  We grade that they will not have any holes in the center of the hide and no blemishes. These are the best that we select for garments.

#1 Suede hides average 12 Sq Ft.  We grade the same as the #1 but the Suede side (rough)  is the best for more of a rough look

#2 Whole Deer average 12 square feet.  Graded for the grain (smooth side) but with holes in the center of the hide. Great for bags gloves.

#3 Craft Grade full hides –  9 to 10 square feet, these are good hides for small projects, will have holes, cut marks and or drag marks throughout the hide

#1 1/2 Deer hide.  These hides are the back half, Very nice and thinner and easy to work with.

# 2 1/2 Deer hide. One hole in the middle normally, but still a great grain.

This product is from a wild animal and will require a fee if being shipped outside of the United states. Select Fish and Wildlife fee option in the cart if applies to you.


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